I have a HUGE passion for audiobooks. It’s such an incredible feeling hearing a story come to life by amazing narrators. And since I rarely have time to sit down and read anymore, audiobooks make consuming books possible! (so much exercise, laundry, and cleaning gets done with an audiobook in my hears)!!!

Read below for summaries of some of my sweet sounds you can check out!

Harris Bros Audio-work

My Harris Brothers Series on audio is a huge fan favorite. It’s narrated in duet style by Will Watt and Charlotte Cole with Piper Goodeve coming on for the last two books. Duet style means that no matter what point of view the chapter is in, the female voices the female dialogue and the male voices the male dialogue…it’s like a movie in your ears! Click on the links below to hear samples!


Audio-Now Live Field.jpg

If you’re interested in where the Harris Brothers began…check out their sister’s story, Strength. This is the prequel to the Harris Bros and narrated in duet by Will Watt & Charlotte Cole!


End Goal-audio-workI had the opportunity to write a short story for an anthology and decided to have Will Watt and Charlotte Cole make an audiobook for me! End Goal is a 44 minute short story that’s a bonus epilogue to Challenge. Chronologically, it fits between Keeper and Surrender. This is a very affordable way to try duet style narrating!

End Goal

Football - Soccer Ball with Green GrassPayback is my first dip in the multi-cast audiobook experience! I cast Erin Mallon, Aaron Shedlock, Will Watt, and Charlotte Cole on this fun audio production and the completed product was so incredible, Audible brought me and two of my narrators into their studio to discuss it on camera in this fun interview.


LIVE NOW-couple2

Blindsided is another Harris Brother World spin off and listens great as a standalone but chronologically flows after Payback! It’s duet style narration featuring Will Watt with a seriously yummy Scottish accent and Charlotte Cole bringing to life my Cornish seamstress with an adorable England West Country accent!


If you’ve listened to Blindsided, you certainly need Replay in your life! Replay reads great as a standalone, but features Mac’s (from Blindsided) Scottish sister, Tilly! I brought in the fabulous Paula Costello to narrate Tilly because I still remember falling in love with Paula when she narrated On Dublin Street! In Replay you have a British/Italian hero narrated by the fabulous Will Watt and Scottish and fiery Tilly narrated by Paula! It’s a delight for your ears and the smooth Italian Will drops in this is delightful!


When I announced to my readers there was a secret Harris Brother from America that no one knew about, everyone flipped! And because this brother was American, I decided to mix things up in my casting and brought the fabulous Teddy Hamilton on board to voice Zander Williams (aka Harris). And Faye Adele was pleased to bring her lovely British vocals on board for Daphney Clarke (who was a secondary character in London Bound). But naturally, because this is a Harris world book, Will Watt signed on to voice all those lovable Harris Brothers and Stella Hunter was clutch to play Zander’s mom from America to round out this multicast book!


Love to laugh while listening to your audiobooks? The Wait With Me Series is sure to please with this dynamic group of friends finding love in beautiful Boulder, CO! Keep scrolling for a breakdown of these standalone groups of friends!
Wait With Me | Next In Line | One Moment Please | Take A Number

funny dirty audio

This one is a super fun standalone rom-com narrated by Erin Mallon and Teddy Hamilton, which was seriously a dream team casting! Their comedic timing on this book is so perfect! It’s narrated in dual style so they alternate chapters based on the male or female point of view.

Wait With Me

Smartphone with headphones on black wooden table. Smartphone wit

Next In Line is a follow up rom-come to Wait With Me. It’s book 2 in the Wait With Me Series but listens great as a standalone. I kept the same narrating team of Erin Mallon and Teddy Hamilton because I received such incredible feedback from Wait With Me. Also..there’s nothing better than finding a great narrating duo that’s consistent throughout the series! Double bonus!

Next In Line


One Moment Please is book 3 in the Wait With Me Series and listens great as a standalone. This story features, Lynsey…the best friend of Kate from Wait With Me. Lynsey and Dr. Dick start off with a heated scene in a hospital cafeteria that involves some crotch pie.

One Moment Please

Take A Number is book 4 in the Wait With Me Series and listens great as a standalone. This is the a saucy fake dating romance between bakery owner, Norah, and her best customer, a slick, stock market savant, Dean Moser! Prepare for some sweet treats in this rom com!

Take A Number

My London Lovers Series was my first dip into audio. These four books are told in singular point of view, so you really get to sink into the female narrator and her performance.

London Bound was my first time working with Piper Goodeve and I was so excited to bring her back for the final two books in my Harris Brothers Series!

There was a fifth book in the LLS called That One Moment that has now been re-titled to Strength with loads of bonus content added in (scroll up for that link). Strength is what I would call a series crossover book. The reason I moved it to brand more with the Harris Brothers was because it has a very different feel from the London Lovers Series. That One Moment/Strength is told in a male and female point of view book and features duet narrating. My readers loved it so much that I cast the same narrators (Will Watt and Charlotte Cole) for my Harris Brothers Series.

 Becoming UsA Broken UsLondon BoundNot The One

Chasing Hope-Square for ACX2If you want something completely unlike romance novels, my very first book ever written was Chasing Hope. It was my memoir about my journey through recurring pregnancy loss. Having this book on audio is extremely special to me.

Chasing Hope


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  1. Just listened on Audible to, One Moment Please. Really liked the book, but as a Baltimore native, it really bothered me that they kept referring to The hospital Johns Hopkins as, John Hopkins. I didn’t know if that is how you wrote it in the book or just how the Audible narrators chose to say it?

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