Wait With Me Movie

Watch Wait With Me on Passionflix here.

In 2019, my tire shop rom-com, Wait With Me was optioned for film by Passionflix
a streaming app dedicated to turning romance novels into movies!

And in November of 2022, filming happened and I was able to be on set for all of it!

The Wait With Me movie is now live and you can watch it right here.

Read on for some behind the scenes goodies!

Once the movie production was green-lit, I was so fortunate to get to spend 3 weeks on set for the production of Wait With Me, the movie. Everything was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia which is basically Hollywood of the East Coast. I even learned that a lot of the Marvel superhero movies are filmed in ATL.

Filming was typically 12 hour days Monday-Friday with weekends off. It amazes me they were able to film it all in only 15 business days…especially because I wrote Wait With Me in only 13 days, but that’s showbiz for ya!

I wasn’t intending to stay for the duration of the filming, but when I got to see the movie magic up close, I just couldn’t leave!

The incredible Madison Lawlor was cast for our wild and crazy Kate. Her audition was so perfect and on set, her talent was palpable. It was a surreal experience to see this person who existed in my head suddenly alive in front of me.

And bonus, Madison is a fellow South Dakota girl like me! Kismet was a word we all used on set a lot and this definitely applies! s

And the man, the myth, the lengend, Andrew Beirnat was cast as our hunky mechanic, Miles. You might know Andrew from one or two (hundred) romance covers – he’s even on the cover of my book, One Moment Please!

He’s always embraced the romance community, but holy moly, does he have some acting chops! I loved watching him on set and enjoyed getting to know him more outside of the romance community!

But this entire movie needs a mastermind behind the camera, and that’s Colleen Davie Janes! She directed another Passionflix movie I loved called Seduction and Snacks so I was thrilled to have her on board.

Her vision in bringing this movie to life, and her attention to every little detail was truly amazing to watch. I bow down to her wrangling this entire production and I cannot wait to see the final product.

There are of course dozens more awesome cast members who made this all a reality. Character-wise from left to right, we have Sam, Miles, Kate, Lynsey and Dean! You can see more of their work on IMDB!

But getting to hang out with everyone on set, from cast to crew to the amazing Passionflix staff was truly a privilege I can’t find the words for. And even more fun that some hardcore Passionflix fans got to visit the set as well. Their commitment to Passionflix is incredible!