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What up lovely readers!
I’m often asked for a reading order of my books. It’s a little tricky because I love to crossover characters and make it this fun puzzle you can put together in multiple ways, but I do my best to make most of my books standalone so no matter where you dive in, you’ll be comfortable!
Reading order suggestions below!  

If you love sports romance, British heroes, tight-knit family, and some laughter with feels…binge my Harris Brothers World that’s a fully complete series!!!

1. Challenge
2. Endurance
3. Keeper
3.5. End Goal (a short story)
4. Surrender
5. Dominate
6. Payback
7. Blindsided
8. Replay
9. Sweeper
10. Strength (formerly titled That One Moment & A Perfect Moment)

If you love lighter romantic comedies with a tight-knit friend group, dive into my Wait With Me Series! 

1. Wait With Me
2. Next In Line
3. One Moment Please
4. Take A Number
5. Last on the List

If you have become a super fan and want to ready my very first series I wrote, check out my London Lovers Series! Some of these characters have cameos in my Harris Brothers Series!

1. Becoming Us
2. A Broken Us
3. London Bound
4. Not The One

If you are an order lover, here is the exact chronological reading order of ALL my books:
1. Becoming Us
2. A Broken Us
3. London Bound
4. Not The One
5. That One Moment
6. A Perfect Moment
5. Strength (formerly titled That One Moment & A Perfect Moment)

6. Challenge
7. Endurance
8. Keeper
9. End Goal (a short story)
10. Surrender
11. Dominate
12. Payback
13. Blindsided
14. Replay
15. Sweeper

1. Wait With Me
2. Next In Line
3. One Moment Please
4. Take A Number
5. Last on the List

Below is even more of a breakdown of all my series in case you’re not sick of me!

The London Lovers Series

This is my first series I ever wrote and it’s what got my start in romance. The London Lovers starts off with a college prequel to eventually the group of friends that all reside in good ‘ol London bloody England. This series has lots of comedy and lots of feels.
Strength is Vi Harris’s book and where my Harris Brothers first ever appear!
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The Harris Brothers Series

Four hot brothers who all play professional football in England…yes, please! The Harris Brothers are chock full of steam, laughs, and love. This is a complete family series you will wish was a real family you could have Sunday dinner with! Start with the sister’s prequel or dive right into Challenge if you prefer more sports and a bit lighter on the feels!

Football stadium in lights
0. Strength | 1. Challenge | 2. Endurance | 3. Keeper | 4. Surrender | 5. Dominate

Footballer Spinoff Books

Payback, Blindsided, and Replay are set in the Harris family world.
These books feature two teammates and the football club lawyer!
The final book in the Harris family world is a surprise secret Harris Brother and best read after Replay!!

1. Payback | 2. Blindsided | 3. Replay | 4. Sweeper

The Harris Brothers Series is now complete! I often get asked if I will write the stories of Zander’s American teammates in Sweeper…and my answer for now is…maybe!

The Wait With Me Series

Pure rom-com delights with this group of friends. Enjoy unique waiting room “meet cutes” from tires shops, bait shops, and a hospital cafeteria!1. Wait With Me | 2. Next In Line | 3. One Moment Please| 4. Take A Number 5. Last on the List

Here is some more back story of all my individual books for those that managed to scroll this far.
I’m so long winded! 
Once upon a time, I wrote a book called A Broken Us…it was about an American girl named Finley who went to go live with her bestie, Leslie that lived in London at the time. This is where she met an intriguing British lad named Liam Darby.
I clicked PUBLISH:
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I thought A Broken Us would be a standalone, but the feedback on my secondary characters was so awesome, I knew I had to continue…but first, I felt pulled to tell Finley’s backstory more. Consequently…we went back in time and Finley’s college prequel in America was born..Becoming Us:
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Then…her London bestie, Leslie, was just screaming for a story! So we went forward in time, back to London, and picked up where A Broken Us left of with Theo Clarke & Leslie Lincoln’s story, London Bound:
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After London Bound released, I had introduced my readers to the hero, Theo Clarke and his family. Namely, his brother Hayden. My readers demanded to know more of the shattered Hayden Clarke…and the quick cameo of tension between Reyna Miracle and Liam Darby at a hospital scene in London Bound intrigued me.
Enter…Not The One:
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But then my readers all wanted a HEA for Hayden…and Hayden begged along with them (in my head). So I wrote That One Moment which introduced a heroine named Vi Harris who had four rowdy brothers who were all professional British footballers:
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That One Moment also had a fun short story bonus epilogue called A Perfect Moment:
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And since this heroine’s over-protective brothers were so loud and dynamic on the page, they inspired me to write the Harris Brothers Series, which later inspired me to recover, re-edit, and combine That One Moment and A Perfect Moment to brand more with Vi’s crazy popular brothers.
Strength is the combination of That One Moment and A Perfect Moment plus several other bonus scenes and epilogues. It can be read as Book 5 in the London Lovers Series or a Prequel to the Harris Brothers Series.

My Strength spin off sports romance series called the Harris Brothers is now a fully finished series. The fourth and final brother’s story was such a big undertaking, it inspired two full length books. And there’s lots of fun London Lovers overlap in these brothers books. They are listed from left to right in the preferred reading order.
final bro is here
End Goal-audio-work
There is also a fun little short story called End Goal available in ebook and audio. It was originally featured in a Cocktales anthology. This is a bonus epilogue for Camden and Indie in Challenge. Chronologically, it splices in between Keeper and Surrender!

Payback-FINAL-6x9_Cream_290-work-NEW FONT-front
If you read Endurance, there was mention of a South African teammate of Tanner Harris named Roan DeWalt. Roan DeWalt goes on a date with the Harris Brother’s cousin from America named Allie. Payback is their full length story!

Blindsided Wrap2-work-FRONT

If you read Surrender and Dominate, there was a secondary character named Freya who worked with the main heroine (Sloan) in those books. Well, it’s time for the BFF to get her HEA! Freya meets Mac, the Scottish teammate of Roan from Payback and Blindsided is born!

In Blindsided, Mac has a sister named Tilly who has some serious history with the team lawyer, Santino. Replay is a second chance romance for Tilly & Santino with lots of Mac and Freya sprinkled in!

Sweeper Cover-front copy

In Replay, Santino gets a mysterious phone call from the mother of a player Bethnal Green is recruiting and it’s then that he learns that the new soccer player from America is potentially related to the father of the Harris Brothers. Sweeper is a neighbors to lovers romance novel with tons of Harris Brothers family dynamics.

While working on the Gareth’s book, inspiration for a totally detached romantic comedy struck…and Wait With Me was born! If you’re looking for a laugh, this is the book for you! WWM-Front-small

Next In Line is book two in my Wait With Me Series and is about the bearded ginger, Sam, who was the heroes best friend in Wait With Me. Sam ends up unknowingly kissing his best friend’s little sister, Maggie and shenanigans ensue. Next In Line Cover-front-smaller fileOne Moment Please is the surprise pregnancy love story of Kate from Wait With Me’s best friend, Lynsey. She goes toe-to-toe with the hot doctor in the cafeteria she frequents and things escalate in ways they never expected.One Moment Please-front-size downTake A Number is a fake dating rom-com featuring Dean, the terminal bachelor featured in the previous Wait With Me books! Dean has to help out bakery owner, Norah by being her fake date to her parents anniversary party. When the two take it a step further, things escalate quickly.

Last on the List is a nanny/boss romance featuring Josh’s best friend, Max from One Moment Please! Max needs a nanny for his daughter for the summer and the plus sized whirlwind that invades his life is someone he never saw coming.

But again, all my book except for Becoming Us, Surrender, and Dominate, work perfectly as a standalone, so these books do have something for everyone.

Except my Grandma…who is still waiting for me to write Amish Romance.
Happy reading!