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Complimentary Coffee…A Writer’s Tale of Tires, Coffee, & Words

Where it all began…
Once upon a time, I quit my day job to become a full time author and just when I thought I had the world by the balls…I hit the dreaded writer’s block.

It was devastating. I tried everything to get out of my funk, but nothing was working!

Then one day, I took my car in for new tires at Tires Tires Tires and magically blasted out like 5,000 words in their fabulous waiting room. It was incredible. And the scenery wasn’t bad either! Complimentary coffee that was actually delicious, comfortable seating, free cookies, friendly staff.

I had found my mother ship!

That night, I told my sister of my great fortunes and she said, “You should go back! Don’t let the momentum stop! I need an oil change…take my car in!” 

So I did.


I was on a high and so darn grateful that the words I’d been struggling to find had alas arrived, so I thought…why don’t I just sneak in one more time? Surely my art is more important than the fact that I’m not an actual paying customer. And they have an entrance on the other side of the building that walks right into the waiting room. I can totally blend in with the paying customers.


So I did.

And while the words flowed and the coffee tasted scrumptious, I knew I couldn’t do this again. I have a guilty conscience…(and I’m 5’11” and no string bean…how much blending was I really accomplishing?).

So I took to Facebook to share my woes like any self-respecting millennial…and then I got the offer of a lifetime: 

A thousand times yes! So I took my friend’s car in. Yes, it was painfully awkward walking in. Yes, those guys at the customer service counter were giving me a look like I’m going to boil a bunny at any moment, but I didn’t care! I had the keys to a car that needed an oil change! Who cares if the oil change took 40 minutes and I was there for 6 hours. My author community was cheering me on! One even wrote a fan fiction piece about it, complete with its very own cover!

Then our other car was due for an oil change. Then my other sister needed her oil changed! Back I went and all of this madness got some attention and at one point, my friends pulled an awful prank of sending a fake invoice to my house that nearly had me stroking out.

But not even New York Times bestselling author, Jana Aston, having pizza delivered to me in the waiting room was going to shake my love of Tires Tires Tires.

Devastation struck when I ran out of sisters, friends, and oil changes. However, with the last oil change, I had a delightfully awkward exchange with the kind gentleman that had helped me out 5 of the 6 times I had been there as a paying customer. He seemed somewhat amused of my tale and said he’d have to let the manager know of it. I didn’t get the feeling I was in trouble, but I wasn’t sure what to expect.

What I got…was more than I could have ever hoped for: 

Not only did TTT not file a restraining order, they basically rolled out the red carpet for me!
I felt like JK Rowling waltzing into her favorite coffee shop post-Harry Potter series! 

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any more spectacular, Tires Tires Tires decided to make me their official writer in residence! writer-in-residence copyNow I can come back and write all my smutty words without bringing a car in (because let’s face it, I only know so many people that need oil changes and I was starting to sound a bit desperate to the neighbors). 

I’m sure by now you’re all wondering,

There isn’t a point. This isn’t some publicity stunt. Tires Tires Tires isn’t paying me to talk about them (though who can put a price tag on complimentary coffee and swag?). I just found my happy writing place in a Tires Tires Tires waiting room and decided to tell people about it. And with all the sad stories in the news, the thousands of things that get us down in life, sometimes, you just need to open up Facebook and have a laugh at a weird author appreciating the little things in life…like delicious complimentary coffee. ☕

It’s complimentary.

WWM-Front-smallUPDATE: Many of you may have heard that after all this fun I’ve been having, I’ve decided to write a sexy, romantic comedy inspired by my experience at TTT!

It’s a story about a romance author who sneaks into a Tire Depot waiting room and falls for a mechanic. 🙂 The TTT writing mojo was present the entire time as this story poured out of me in only thirteen days! That’s the fastest I’ve ever written a book and my only guess is the coffee.

The guys at Tires Tires Tires were thrilled and even let me do the cover photoshoot in the TTT garage with Mitchell, SD resident, Austin Loes, and Sioux Falls, SD photographer, Dan Thorson.

Tireman was jealous he didn’t make the cover, but we hope he’ll this mini-me gift a reader gave me will be a fun consolation prize!
Wait With Me
by Amy Daws releases
April 5!
2 pics

Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of romantic comedies. She’s most known for Harris Brothers Series featuring her punny, footy-playing, British playboys. When Amy’s not writing, she’s watching Gilmore Girls or singing karaoke in the living room with her daughter while Daddy awkward-smiles from a distance. For more of Amy’s work, visit:

If you’d like to check out one of Amy’s books, she suggests staring with Challenge. It’s the brother’s book of her current work in progress that she intends to finish in the Tires Tires Tires waiting room.

To follow Amy’s antics on social media:

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