Hoover Countdown Banner2
So…yeah. About that.
I’ve been making some videos…
Videos that probably make my mother cringe.
Videos that my husband rolls his eyes at.
Videos that my daughter may someday see and then consequently stop admitting to people that I’m her Mom.
Here’s the deal.
On December 12th, Colleen Hoover will be giving away a copy of my book on her page! It’s very exciting. We all know that Colleen Hoover is kind of a big deal. And she’s hilarious to boot! She’s always posting these great Big Eye videos and I just love following her and her career.
Anyways, a while back, she, very generously, offered to give away a book a day from fellow authors. All you had to do was sign up, send her your book, and she’d take care of the rest. Apparently, the response was overwhelming and I think she filled a year’s worth of slots in a few hours…so she had to stop taking submissions. But luckily…I was online at the right time and got a slot!
December 12th is the day. 
So I thought a daily countdown video leading up to the big day might generate some buzz and excitement…and lets just face it, I love making a fool of myself.
Want to hear the best part of all of this?
The real kicker?
I just realized that I’m off on my days. :/
Yesterday I did 3 days til CoHo video.
Today is my 2 days video…
…and tomorrow should be 1 day until…
…but tomorrow is actual day of the giveaway.
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If you haven’t checked them out, here’s the link…just subtract one day, then add another, then subtract the lowest decibel and remember….this is why I’m a WRITER and not an ACCOUNTANT!!!!