2014-10-22 09.16.39Holy Cincinnati Batman! In less than 24 hours, I’ll be on my way to Ohio for the Queen City Indie Con! Samantha Young and Abbi Glines are keynote speakers and I can’t tell you what it will be like for me to meet these amazing ladies. I was trying to explain to the ‘ol ball and chain what a big deal this was and I had to use sports references to get him to fully comprehend. Men.

My sister and sister-in-law are coming along. I’ve dubbed my sister as my official assistant and my sister-in-law as my official hair stylist. 🙂 Hopefully nobody finds out we’re related and they are totally unpaid or that will really ruin my cool factor.

And, as if I didn’t have enough to get ready for this conference, I’ve decided to do a cover reveal of my new upcoming romance novel, Becoming Us. I’ll have a print out of the amazing cover to show off at the conference on Saturday and lots of awesome-sauce bloggers on board to post about it! Should be frackin fresh! I’m really excited for this new project…says every author always. But I really mean it!

Anyways, without further ado, here’s the banner of the final signing authors. My name looks awesome sandwiched between two legit Amy Authors. Maybe they’ll mistake me for one of them and I’ll sell a few books that way!

And oh yeah, I’ve requested a unicorn upon my arrival, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted.