Home Town Book Signing

Honest to goodness, my home town peeps are my biggest fans!!! It’s a small town of about 7,000 but they are so incredibly supportive of me. They are the most active on my Facebook page, I get the most pre-orders from them, the most reviews…you name it! They are the best! I rushed my book signing to be this weekend, even though I am swamped with release week stuff, but I can’t make them wait any longer…they are way too important to me! I ordered some sweet new London book swag to make them all feel special and to help them know that I love them!!!
And p.s. Here’s a crazy story….our high school mascot…was The Midgets. Nope. Not a typo. Midgets. The girl’s sports teams were called Midgettes. Again,…NOT. A. TYPO. I do not mean this to be offensive to the little people of this world. It’s a historical city tradition where our football team won state many many years ago and the whole team was all really short, we didn’t have a mascot and apparently the radio announcers coined our school as The Midgets. I’m proud of where I came from, despite our slightly offensive team mascot title. 😉 It’s said with love and that’s all that matters! Can’t wait to celebrate my book release with you all!!!