Paperback Giveaway!

Gather round…Gather round…it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!
Paperback Giveaways-generic
I’m giving away a paperback ADVANCE READER COPY of my new upcoming novel of Becoming Us!!! Boy oh boy oh boy! Get an exclusive paperback ARC mailed right to your door! PLUS, I’m throwing in a copy of my newly face-lifted cover of A Broken Us and some sweet swag. That’s 2 paperbacks (1 is an ARC yo) and some sweet swag!
Here’s how to enter:
1. Post a review of A Broken Us on Amazon or Goodreads (ABU is only 99 cents right now!!)
2. Copy the review link
3. Fill out this entry form (also listed below)–>
4. Twiddle your thumbs until Jan. 2nd when I will announce the winner!
If you haven’t posted a review yet, there’s still time! And bloggers, you sexy beasts, are very very welcome to enter!