Holy Collaboration Batman!


Once upon a time…in a land far far away…called South Dakota,
there lived a girl name Spicy Pepper.
Spicy Pepper was a fair maiden who wrote stories of epic paranormal adventures.
They were romantic in nature but took place in faraway places with magical powers and evil queens.

One day, a tall, but equally as fair maiden moved into the land.
The people called her Dawsy Style.
Dawsy Style had an odd obsession with all things British and wrote love stories that took place in the magical city of London.
Dawsy Style’s romantic stories made you weep and giggle in exaltation.

One day, Spicy Pepper and Dawsy Style met at a quaint little shop called Barnes & Noble.
There, the two bonded over books, writing, and all things literary.
Together, the two kindred spirits began a friendship for the ages.
One that involved shooting stupid videos and laughing at things only the two of them thought were funny.
It was a love story unlike any other.
So, rather than continue on their own book journey’s all by their lonesomes, the two chose to join forces for a collaboration to ruin all other collaborations.

And so…the real story began.
The story of a broken ballerina and an ivy league frat boy.
The story of a new adult romance that will have you flipping pages and feeling breathless.
The story of two friends…turning their love for each other into a love story for all.

Pointe of Breaking: When Ivy League & Tutus Collide
A collaboration by Amy Daws & Sarah J Pepper
Coming July 14

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We will also be gifting ARCs to a few people that add Pointe of Breaking to their Goodreads TBRs!

Cover reveal and full synopsis is coming soon.
Please contact me directly if you would like to be a part of the cover reveal!

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