Queen City Indie Con!

I somehow, miraculously snagged a coveted seat at the Queen City Indie Book convention! I feel like any minute someone is going to call me and say, “PYSCH! You’re totally not cool enough to attend this conference!” But for now, I’m eagerly awaiting the big event! Abbi Glines & Samantha Young are keynote speakers! So even though I have a booth that I’ll have to sit at and (hopefully) sell some books…I’m going to be fan-girling all over them….HARD. I might even make a creepy, stalker T-shirt for the day.

Thankfully, my little sister is coming with me, so she can hopefully prevent me from doing something that will force the conference leaders to call the authorities. Either way, I know I’m going to learn a lot, I’ll hopefully meet some cool new writers like myself and maybe, just maybe…I’ll sell a book or two! Can’t wait!!!


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