A Broken Us-working cover
I’ve had lots of people asking me what this new novel is about and if they’ll like it if they are Chasing Hope fans. My answer is…SCHYEAAAH! OF COURSE!!!! A Broken Us has an infertility storyline which is something I’ve never seen in contemporary romance novels. Going through IF is a lonely, dark place and I think it’s really fun to have a romantic storyline built around a subject that is traditionally so sensitive and unromantic. I read contemporary romance for the fantasy of it all. Is real life really like these books? Probably not. Does reading them make me wish it was….FOR SURE! Will I live my life differently after reading a romance book, MAYBE! These fantasies are inspiring enough to make me want to strive for more in my relationships. What’s so bad about that?
So, short answer: Yes, Chasing Hope fans will like this book. It’s still my voice, it’s still my style of writing. You’re just following another gals story this time instead of mine.
And for the contemporary romance lovers already out there…I think you’re in for a treat. This is a romance unlike any you’ve read before! I hope you all enjoy! #chasinghope #ABrokenUs #coverreveal #comingsoon

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