I’m writing FICTION!

I am actually doing it, I’m writing fiction! I am 10 chapters in to my very own contemporary romance novel and I am already mourning the loss of the characters that I’ve created. Seriously! I love them all so much, I can’t imagine clicking publish and saying goodbye to them. My only hope is that their memories will live on once all my readers grab hold of them. I’m doing my best to insert my “voice” that everybody loved from Chasing Hope and really just give people a different heroine then they are used to seeing in other novels. Insert Finley! Finley is funny but so incredibly flawed. She makes bad choices and is a mess, but you can’t help but root for her. She’s going through some major life changes and I hope people enjoy the ride.

And Brody. Oh my sweet sweet Brody. He is the man we all want to find and fall in love with but is struggling to hang onto this beautiful and vivacious Finley.

I’m giving a sneak peak to the novel here on my website only! So be sure to register your email to receive more updates as my story grows. This story has not been edited yet, so please ignore the unsightly typos. I rely on my girl and editor to the God’s, Heather, to fix those up when the time comes!

Without further adieu…..a sneak peak to my first novel: A Broken Us (working title)


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  1. Ok, thanks for the tease….I want to read the rest!!!! It is going to be so hard to wait! So happy for you! Keep it coming!

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