1 Month Down

It’s been nearly 1 month since I published Chasing Hope. I’ve started an official “Happy” email folder and it’s already bursting with amazing, heart-felt emails and responses from people who have read my journey. I can’t believe how many people have been so emotionally touched by my story. It makes it all worth it.

Some people have asked me how I feel after releasing such a deeply personal story. Any regrets? My answer? No way. I feel liberated! I finally feel like I’m no longer living in the darkness with my husband. Before it always felt like we were living with this deep dark secret and there was never a good time to tell people about. Now it’s out there for everyone to know! I feel like telling all the personal details has validated my angel babies even more. They were always important in my heart, but now they are important in the hearts of many. I call that tremendous success.

Thank you for coming with me on this tragic but beautiful journey! I look forward to sharing more in the future!

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